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If you want to learn something about glass

In 1980 JanHein began to teach “Glass Techniques” for the Tilburg Art Foundation. In the early days the emphasis was on glass in lead and stained glass painting techniques; starting in the mid-1990’s hot glass techniques came on board. He was associated with the Foundation as their teacher of “Glass Techniques” until mid-2004.

Late in 2002 we began to organize workshop in all sorts of glass techniques in our own studio. What started as separate workshops has blossomed into the yearly Winter and Summer Academies supplemented by standalone workshops, trainings and courses. As a rule, STIPGLAS workshops and courses are aimed at knowledge transfer and skill development as opposed to producing specific products.

We believe it’s important for students to be exposed to various insights offered by different instructors. Because of this, we’ve involved other teachers in our curriculum since the beginning. And we search internationally for appropriate candidates. As a result, the language of instruction can be English, Dutch or German, but there’s always an interpreter nearby when needed.

We expect the following from our instructors:
- to be extremely proficient in the technique he or she is teaching
- to have a broad knowledge of glass as a material
- to be imaginative
- to be willing and able to share their insights with students
- to be working professionally in their glass technique

The knowledge shared by our instructors is intended solely for personal use. Publication of text and/or photos and sound recordings are not allowed without explicit consultation with both the teacher and STIPGLAS.

Workshop levels:
Level 0 = No previous experience required
Level 1 = Basic skills required
Level 2 = Reasonable control over the technique required
Level 3 = For more advanced students, good control over the technique required
Level 4 = Master class

If we’re working with oxygen torches, we work with oxygen tanks and not with concentrators.

The workshops run each day normally from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Coffee and tea is available starting at 9:45am; at 1:00pm we serve a tasty lunch and at 5:00pm we share a beverage to reflect on the day.
Students receive a 5% discount on glass and a 5-10% discount on most materials and tools (excluding torches and glass kilns) during their workshop.
When the registration for a workshop is being cancelled within 4 weeks before the start of the workshop, a refund of the payment can only take place if a replacement participant for this workshop is found. Is a workshop cancelled by STIPGLAS then the paid course fees will be refunded or a new date will be determined after consulting the paticipants
All workshops are held in the STIPGLAS studio, Utrechtsestraat 6 in the center of Tilburg

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